Kjell Vistnes Marine Sculpture

About the artist

Growing up by the beaches in Australia sparked a passion for marine life. 
 I have rekindled my interest for art and sea creatures and merged the two.
Wood is a fascinating medium with which to work, the challenge is finding that perfect piece of wood for a particular sculpture and knowing that you can only subtract from it. A cut too deep can completely ruin many hours of dedicated work. The reward is many times greater when you see the grain from a  lifeless piece of wood flow through the sculpture like veins and bring an animal to life. There is a certain point in the process where what once was a block of wood looks back at you that is very rewarding.

 Currently up to 100 million sharks are killed every year due to poor fishing practice. It is my hope to bring awareness to the plight of these creatures and their importance to our oceans. I wish to portray the image of the shark as matchless in it's role in our eco system and faultless in its appearance. I attempt to present their real beauty as opposed to the negative images portrayed by the media in the past.

The sheer size and majesty of the whale embody a combination of gentleness and strength. They provide one with a sense of calmness as they glide effortlessly through the water of our oceans. I wish to portray that presence in my sculptures.

Some pieces of wood speak to the playfulness of the dolphin, with curves and grains that surprise as one cuts deeper into the wood. The dolphin provides one with a sense of joy and lightheartedness. The heaviness of an arduous day can be lightened instantly by looking into the happy eyes of a dolphin and experiencing their positive energy and expression of merriment.

Although many artists choose to express themselves and their creations in stylized, abstract methods, I try to pay attention to anatomy and aim for a certain amount of realism. I feel that their sheer, God given beauty and perfection cannot be improved by my meager means of interpretation.

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